Thursday, June 09, 2016

A Very Big Puddle. One for the grandkids.

About this time of year the rainy season starts.  So we try to remember to take our umbrella with us when we go out, even if it doesn't look like it will rain.  Rain can start an any time.  And it can quickly go from light drizzle to downpour in a very short time.

The rain does clear the air nicely.

This is the street our apartment building is on.  You can see the stream bed across the street.  

Usually when it rains the streets get wet and somewhat puddly and then they dry up again:

But a few weeks ago we got quite a bit of rain.
                                                 Displaying IMG_20160609_063349790_HDR.jpg 

And the stream bed overflowed.

A lot!

The streets around our building turned into a very, very big puddle.
 People tried to drive in the middle of the road where the water was lowest so that their motorcycles and cars would not get their engines full of water and stop.  

If you look carefully in this picture you might see some of the motorcycle riders wading in the water. They are pushing their motorcycles because the water was so deep that the motorcycles stopped.  The water is up to their knees.

Some motorcyclists and drivers stopped in the middle of the intersection and huddled together where street was still bare.

Soon the huddle was a very, very big huddle.

A very big huddle in a very big puddle.

Fortunately, eventually the rain stopped and the water went down, and by the next day there were 
only little puddles left.

We have had a lot of rain since then.  And we still always bring our umbrella when we go out.  But we have not had another day with that much rain since then.  And we have never had a puddle as big as the one that we had that day.

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Julie T said...

Who says Dr. Suess is gone??? In Grandma Mary Bliss he lives on and on! Well done and great succession of street shots!