Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Making Bread

I'm making rolls today.  I haven't done much bread making at all ever since the house fire.  Life just started getting very busy and occupied with other good things.
But L. loves orange rolls.  And I love L.  And his cousin gave us a recipe he loves.  So I'm making rolls today and listening to music as I go.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy the process of making bread.  The focus, the slower pace, the hands on, the watching it come together.
It's good to be reminded


BrieAnn said...

1. I would have vegan cheated to try one of your rolls.

BrieAnn said...

1.5: I really want to know what tunes kept you company in the bread making process.

Snowy Mornings said...

Music: Nothing specific. Just Pandora aimed at anything I could find that sounded thankful or soaring. :-)

BrieAnn said...

Soaring. I like that.