Friday, January 03, 2014

Send Me

Send me, I will be thy son, I will do the job with 100% results for sure, give me thine honor.


Thy will be done, the glory be thine.

They actually, at this point, were both interested in allying themselves with the Father.

I am too.

This wasn't just a one-time event with two people proposing two ways of going about God's work.

I think this is a conflict of interests that goes on in the hearts of God's disciples every day.  It feels so good for God to give you a job to do and  to do it really well and feel the respect that comes from others when you do it.  ("not one soul will be lost...surely I will do it...give me thine honor") And we want that feeling again.  And subconsciously we make that good feeling the measure we use to feel success, worthiness or acceptability in God's eyes.

But that's not the path outlined.

The measure, if we need one, is simply our willingness to do his will, however we can, and to fully understand that any success is simply His.  ("thy will be done..the glory be thine")

And I believe that outlined path leads to a place where we don't even need a personal way to measure.

It seems to me that unity with the Father's will makes it so you don't think about how you measure up and the respect of others for what you do becomes irrelevant..

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Margrethe said...

Profound, mom. I had not seen that layer before. Have you sent this insight to Molly? It reminds me of her question about how to help her numbers=success oriented greenie.