Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hiking the coast


HSquared said...

Beautiful. Not Hawaii, but beautiful.

I want to post a quote I read in a book with this but I don't have it. I'll put it up later.


HSquared said...

As Promised:

“A man goes away from his home and it is in him to do it. He lies in strange beds in the dark, and the wind is different in the trees. He walks the street and there are the faces in front of his eyes, but there are no names for the faces. The voices he hears are not the voices he carried away in his ears a long time back when he went away. The voices he hears are loud. They are so loud he does not hear for a long time at a stretch those voices he carried away in his ears. But there comes a minute when it is quiet and he can hear those voices he carried away in his ears a long time back. He can make out what they say, and they say: Come back. They say: Come back, boy. So he comes back.”
-Willie Stark, All the King’s Men by William Penn Warren, p. 16.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about the cairns.

MB said...

It's impromptu art on rocky northern shores, made by balancing stones on top of each other. It's not uncommon around here and fun to encounter. I thought the fisherman was particularly delightful.